Our Vision

Multimedia communication of the future will be a multimodal dialog. All human senses will be utilized in an optimal way according to the current communication situation. Today's ways of interaction with electronic appliances will be substituted by immersion into three-dimensional co-operation spaces. We will interact therein directly in an intuitive way without technological aids.

User handling a multi-media application on the computer without using keyboard or mouse – made possible by our contact-free interaction technology. An amazing viewing experience can be achieved with our autostereoscopic 3D displays.

This will enable us to work easily and efficiently in virtual worlds with images and videos, and to exchange knowledge through intelligent information networks. Interfaces will become seamless transitions between the human and the computer part of a task. We aspire to realize this vision by research and scientific work and to transfer it step by step into business and society.

We develop high performance software for image and video analysis. This makes it possible to quickly search for certain patterns and matches in hundreds or thousands of images or to detect the structure of a video for use with other tasks.

Fields of Competence

  • We develop novel interaction concepts and solutions in close co-operation with partners from industry, public administration and scientific community.
  • Our competencies in the field of high-resolution autostereoscopic displays, head and eye tracking and gesture interactions is backed by substantial national and international research and transfer projects.
  • Our leading know-how regarding content based analysis and retrieval of huge image and video data is proven by international awards and successful spin-offs.
  • Many cities and communities are using our solutions for efficient eGovernment, which have successfully been evaluated in usability tests, conducted in our human factors test center.

Head of Department

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schäfer

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schäfer

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+49 30 31002-190

Office Assistant

Gabriela Thiele

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+49 30 31002-558

Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications
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Interactive Media – Human Factors

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