iPoint Explorer

Interactive Travel Information System

Finding your way in a foreign city - a challenge for every traveller. Where am I and where are the sights that I am interested in? How can I easily reach them? Where is a delightful restaurant that serves nice meals or a coffee bar where I can rest during my sightseeing tour?
Fraunhofer HHI´s iPoint Explorer is an intelligent travel assistant that solves these problems!

The iPoint Explorer (iPE) is an interactive travel information system for public places e.g. central train stations or airports. It enables users to virtually explore popular travel areas by just pointing at a large screen. The iPE - with its novel and easy to learn, contact-free gesture interaction - supports the users' orientation in unknown environments. The system provides multimedia content like geographical data, photorealistic 3D models, videos and pictures of interesting sights and tours. The user is able to get directions to close-by points of interest as well as current information about public transport. Furthermore users are able to arrange the presented information to a personal digital travel guide. It is also intended to enable a wireless transfer of this personal digital travel guide to the user´s mobile device like PDA or mobile phone. Thus it will be easy to enjoy your sightseeing tour!

iPoint Explorer Components

  • HHI Workbench3D Software
  • HHI Handtracker
  • HHI Headtracker
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Two Shuttle PCs
  • 63" Plasma display (other displays/projectors possible)