Operation Room Information System

OR Information System with Touchless Control

By order of Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG, a big medical equipment company, HHI has developed an information system for the operation room (OR) with touchless control.

That OR information system consists of various parts, such as a file manager, a desktop, and a checklist for making sure that the correct patient gets the right treatment.

The system's main working space is the desktop, on which data and images preselected by the surgeon in charge are presented. The images (X-rays, ultrasound or CT scans, MRI images, etc.) can be selected and manipulated touchlessly by the surgeon or the nurse from the OR’s sterile area.

By means of the touchless interface, the user can move, enlarge and zoom the images on the desktop. The user has also got a simple painting tool for marking parts of the images (e.g. in the process of preparing an operation).

The systems can be used either with the naked hand or with medical gloves. The system must have a stable and robust performance under different lighting conditions and with movements in the hand tracker’s sensing area that are not aimed at interacting (e.g. movements of surgical tools).