Fiber Optical 3D Shape Sensing (FiberNavi)

Application Fields

  • Motion Capture
    • Rehabilitation
    • Robotics
    • HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • Medical Sector
    • Heart catheters
    • Medical endoscopes
    • Colonoscopes

  • Oil&Gas Industry
    • Downhole Monitoring
    • Deepwater Offshore Field Monitoring

  • Maritime Sector
    • Flexible Cable Monitoring
    • Hydrophones

Technology Advantages

  • Small and light sensor system
  • Immune against magnetic fields
  • Integrable in existing systems
  • Sensor constructed as disposal
  • New femtosecond laser production technique

3D Shape Sensing Approach

Direct femtosecond laser based processing of Bragg gratings into the core and the cladding of an optical fiber makes it possible using just a single standard one core optical fiber for 3D shape monitoring with the advantage of no need for additional optics, the high mechanical flexibility of a single 125 or 80 ?m fiber and the use of commercially available standard connectors and components that are well known from telecommunications.

  • Patent pending DE 10 2013 205 205.7Seiten-ID: 265

Demonstration: Precision Measurement