Diffractive Optical Elements

Optical components with feature sizes down to the micro- and nano-metre range are key components for systems and devices where small dimensions, compactness and light weight are demanded.

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) - in general a complex pattern of micro- and nano-scale structures - can modulate and transform light in a predetermined way. They can be designed to handle a number of simultaneous tasks. With computer generated DOEs a laser beam can be shaped into any intensity pattern, such as dot arrays, lines, circles, arrows, or any other arbitrary pattern designed to the customer's requirements.

At HHI there is a long-standing expertise in the design, fabrication and evaluation of such DOEs and related micro- and nano-scale optical components. Our portfolio of elements, mainly implemented in quartz glass, silica and silicon, covers the wavelength range from the DUV to the IR region and includes


  • binary
  • multi-level
  • blazed gratings
  • high frequency (down to 80 nm line width)
  • zero order gratings (ZOG)


  • refractive micro-lens arrays
  • on- and off-axis Fresnel zone lenses (FZLs)
  • diffractive spherical, aspherical and cylindrical lenses
  • FZL arrays

computer generated holograms

  • beam splitter
  • beam shaper
  • pattern generator

We offer design and fabrication of tailored micro-structures and micro-optical components for customers in research and industry.

Our advanced fabrication capabilities, combined with our experience in micro- and nano-fabrication technologies, enable us to produce components of high quality and optical performance. As diffractive optical elements come in a variety of configurations, materials, feature sizes, specification tolerances etc., we also offer consulting services and engineering assistance to customers. We have the flexibility to produce elements in small numbers at affordable prices, even one-off items.