High-Speed 2:1 Analog Multiplexer Module

Technical Background

In ultra-broadband optical transmission systems, the limited analog bandwidth of both the electrical and the opto-electrical components is still a bottleneck. Especially, the analog bandwidth of cost- and energy-efficient data converters in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology cannot be increased substantially with new CMOS technology nodes. For digital-to-analog converters (DACs), interleaving is a promising way forward to generate electrical signals with greater analog bandwidth by combining the output of multiple DACs. Interleaved DACs using analog multiplexers (AMUX) allow substantial increase of both the analog bandwidth and the sampling rate. AMUX-DACs are promising candidates for next generation high-speed DACs used in measurement equipment and integrated optical transceivers.


  • 2:1 AMUX SiGe IC in gold-plated housing
  • 2 differential G3PO data inputs, 1 differential clock input, 1 differential 1mm data output
  • 6-dB data path bandwidth: 61 GHz
  • 6-dB clock path bandwidth: 55 GHz
  • 1 Vpp differential input voltage
  • Double data rate clock input
  • Fully differential design
  • 6 optional control voltages and currents with simple 10-pin Micro-D connector


  • Performance enhancement of current DACs in
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG)
    • HHI's high-speed digital signal processing platform
    • Other high-speed measurement system
  • Evaluation of DAC interleaving for next generation high-speed DACs