Coherent Optical Frontend

At a Glance

  • Compact transceiver frontend based on CFP2-ACO modules for up to 32 GBd operation
  • Transmitter includes linear driver amplifiers and DP-IQ modulator
  • Receiver includes polarization-diverse 90° hybrid, balanced photodiodes and linear TIAs


  • Compact stand-alone coherent optical transceiver frontend
  • Tx and LO laser integrated
  • Graphical use interface (GUI) for direct user control via USB
  • GbE connection for external remote control
  • Also available as MicroTCA plugin card


  • High-speed optical QAM signal generation and detection
  • Test of coherent optical transmission systems
  • Optical front-end for High-Speed DSP Platform allowing real-time DSP prototyping

Graphical user interface

Application Examples