High-Speed Digital Signal Processing Platform

At a Glance

Versatile, high-end plat-form for real-time testing of digital signal processing algorithms. Based on the Micro-TCA standard, supporting various plug-in boards (ADC, DAC, 100G-Interfaces, FPGA processors).


  • 56 GSa/s, 8-bit ADC and 65 GSa/s, 8-bit DAC plug-in boards with real-time data interface
  • Multiple ADC/DAC boards can be combined in one platform, to generate synchronized multi-channel (1 to 16) ADCs and DACs
  • Free-programmable internal Virtex Ultrascale/Ultrascale+FPGA plugin boards
  • High-speed interfacing between boards within the platform and to external FPGA boards
  • Platform supports third party modules based on Micro-TCA standard
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) service interface with FPGA access
  • Ready-to-use IP cores for hardware interfacing and reference real-time DSP functions available


  • Test of DSP algorithms in real time
  • Online transmission performance evaluation of coherent optical transmission systems
  • Online measurement and debugging
  • Prototyping of FPGA-based real-time transceivers