At a Glance

5G as the next generation of mobile communication will enable new applications like the smart city, autonomous driving and the networked society. In order to fulfill 5G requirements, economic front- and backhaul solutions are needed. Fraunhofer HHI provides high speed OWC links with field proven uninterrupted availability in challenging outdoor conditions.


  • Infrared LED based
  • Data rates:
    • 500 Mbps over 100 m
    • 250 Mbps over 200 m
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Dynamic rate adaption
  • Low latency (< 2 ms)
  • 1 GbE chipset and interface
  • Footprint: 240 mm x 230 mm x 130 mm
  • Weight: 3 kg


  • Low cost optical wireless link based on infrared LEDs
  • Improved link robustness due to rate adaption
  • No active tracking needed
  • Easy alignment


  • Wireless point-to-point communication in industrial environment
  • Backhauling for WiFi and LTE
  • Building-to-building connectivity
  • Redundancy for fixed line connection