Optical Multi-Format Transmitter

At a Glance

  • Fully integrated optical frontend that converts electrical RF signals into IQ modulated optical signals
  • Ideal for generation of various modulation formats (e.g. QPSK and m-QAM)


  • High-bandwidth dual-polarization IQ modulation
  • Automated BIAS control
  • Built-in or external laser source
  • Device specific calibration files enable software-based pre-distortion
  • Fast and simple switching between modulation formats
  • USB & Ethernet interface for remote control
  • SCPI style remote control command set, LabView(R) drivers supplied


  • Test and measurement in optical communication
  • Generation of various optical modulation formats (e.g. QPSK, m-QAM)
  • Reference Transmitter
  • Multi-channel transmission experiments for system design tests