Testbed for LiFi

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a new wireless technology that uses light to transmit data. Fraunhofer HHI as a pioneer in the field of LiFi technology provides an open LiFi testbed to develop and test new technological approaches.

Evaluations can be performed for single optoelectronic components (e.g. LEDs, photodiodes), subsystems (transmitter/receiver modules) and complete systems. Depending on customer requirements, offline software on measurement equipment (arbitrary waveform generator and oscilloscope), real-time solutions on FPGAs or commercially usable LiFi systems developed by HHI are used. The tests are performed according to current ITU-T (G.vlc), IEEE (P802.15.13, 802.11) and 3GPP (6G) Standards.


  • Optical bidirectional data transmission
  • Adaptable optics depending on application
  • Broadband waveform generation (multiple GHz)
  • Broadband signal acquisition (multiple GHz)
  • MIMO transmission in multiple configurations (1x2, 2x2, …, 4x8, 8x8, …)
  • Tests under lab conditions concerning height and components position
  • Big-scale tests (e.g. height up to 5 m) are equally possible


  • Verification of single hardware components (e.g. transmitter, receiver) or full LiFi-systems
  • LiFi-performance testing
  • Interoperability testing and qualification according to ITU-T or IEEE standards possible
  • High bit rate LiFi-system available as a reference