Silicon Photonics Enabling Exascale Data Networks

Co-funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

SPEED project page

Duration: November 2015 - October 2018


Guided by the vision of handling high-bit-rate optical transceivers just as easily as electronic ICs in the future, the joint project SPEED creates a platform for the application-specific development of silicon-based electronic-photonic integrated circuits (ePICs: electro-photonic integrated circuits). The performance of the platform is exemplified by the development of two 400 Gb/s transceiver module types, which can be mounted directly on the boards of network devices using surface mount technology (BMOEs: Board Mount Optical Engines). The application field of the solutions lies in the rapidly growing field of intra- and inter-data center interconnect technology (DCIs) with high demands on cost, performance and footprint. The project also focuses on the development of a value-added chain enabling the complete ePIC manufacturing in Germany, including the design, the chip production, the assembly technology and the provision of cost-effective housing solutions.