High-Speed OFDM Signal Generation

The High Speed OFDM IP Core offers the functionality of an OFDM modulator specially designed to meet the demanding data rate requirements of very high speed systems. Moreover it is a flexible core where many OFDM signal parameters can be configured by the user, making it easily adaptable to different scenarios and taking advantage of the inherent flexibility of both OFDM technique and FPGA devices. As a result this core enables a faster real-time validation of high speed communication system concepts based on OFDM.

Key Features

  • Up to 64 Gbps net data rate
  • Up to 1024 subcarriers (1024 point IFFT)
  • Free programmable bit loading (BL) mask
  • Free programmable training sequence (TS)
  • Free programmable power coefficients for power loading (PL)
  • Free programmable scaling factor and/or clipping for I and Q signals independently
  • 2*8 GHz output signal baseband bandwidth
  • Optional scrambler and forward error correction (FEC) blocks
  • The Core is available as a standalone module with a PRBS generator as data source for the OFDM modulator. An alternative configuration presents a complete high speed serial interface compatible with the Fraunhofer HHI OFDM MAC Core
  • The core includes interfaces for two high speed digital to analog converters
  • Target devices: Virtex 6 HXT


  • High speed OFDM signal generation
  • High capacity communication systems
  • Tests and measurements