Optical Wireless Communications

Optical wireless communications (OWC) is an emerging technology for short-range fixed and mobile optical communications. It is also known as LiFi. Promising applications comprise wireless backhaul and fronthaul for 5G, industrial wireless communications (Industry 4.0) and the use as a complementary wireless technology (e.g. in conference rooms), besides WiFi and LTE. The mission of our research is to bring OWC into real-world applications.


Our research topics include the following areas:

  • High-bandwidth analog frontend for OWC
  • MIMO channel measurements for OWC
  • Digital signal processing  for OWC
  • Electronics and device design with industrial quality
  • Integrated OWC modules for real use cases
  • Tests of EMC, temperature and weather-proof
  • Lab and system experiments in realistic use cases

Optical Wireless Communication

Optical wireless communication - in the infrared and visible range - is an attractive solution, especially in environment settings where radio communication encounters difficulties.

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Optical Navigation

Optical Navigation starts where the Global Positioning System GPS has its limits: for instance inside buildings, tunnels, undergrounds or in overcrowded areas. Here, GPS is not available or too inaccurate. Optical Navigation can provide an alternative solution to this problem.

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