Vehicle-to-Vehicle Li-Fi

Visible light communication (VLC), also called Li-Fi, can provide performant solutions for the increasing amount of data exchange for traffic information services. On an everyday basis, dense traffic on the road often leads to congestion in vehicular wireless systems, such as 802.11p (Wi-Fi), due to their inherently long reach. Data exchange can be achieved also optically through existing LEDs in car headlights or tailgate lights and luminaires at the roadside. Local events, e.g. traffic jam, can be easily addressed by short-range Li-Fi links using the unlicensed optical spectrum where they can provide a local high-speed data solution. Li-Fi can reach out local road information quickly, in a timely manner and inside the immediate proximity of the event.


  • Use of LED-based infrastructue (e.g. headlights or street illumination)
  • No interference with existing wireless networks
  • Local video streaming of local events
  • Multi-user access possible
  • High-speed data exchange of traffic-relevant content with the cloud