Hardware Products

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The arbitrary waveform generators by Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute simplify the development of next generation high-speed optical communication networks. The synchronized operation of several AWGs enables the rapid testing of complex transmission techniques like advanced modulation formats.

Testing Optical Network Designs

Instrumentation and equipment for high-speed measurements, characterization and design of optical transmission systems 

High-Speed DSP Platform

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute provides a high-speed DSP platform for evaluating the performance of advanced modulation formats. The four synchronized 34 GSa/s ADC channels offer a high-speed measurement, debugging, and real-time implementation platform for DSP-algorithms.

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Coherent Receiver Frontend

  • Fully differential optical receiver frontend in a 19“ 1HE-chassis
  • Coherent detection of highspeed optical QPSK and n-QAM signals

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Visible Light Communication

Visible light communication (VLC) is a new broadband transmission technology that uses standard off-the-shelf visible light LED luminaries to transmit broadband data streams.

Re-Circulating Fiber-Loop Control

  • Quick and cost efficient system evaluation
  • Cost efficient evaluation of optical long haul transmission systems 

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Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

  • Stackable and remote controlled Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA)
  • Quick and flexible setup in combination with arbitrary network components like multiplexers, attenuators and dispersion compensators

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Optical Clock Recovery

  • Subharmonic clock extraction from optical RZ-Data Signals
  • Ultra-stable operation (> 10 hours without unlocking or subchannel hopping)

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OTDM Multiplexer

  • STM-64 based ultra high-speed transmission and test systems ranging from 10 Gbit/s up to 640 Gbit/s
  • Two / four stages can be switched on or off independently

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