Optical Multi-Format Transmitter

At a glance

The Optical Multi-Format Transmitter is a high bandwidth optical frontend. In combination with the electrical arbitrary waveform generator it enables the flexible generation of optical data signals with various modulation formats, such as OOK, QPSK, 8-PSK and 16 QAM up to 34 Gbaud. Software-based predistortion guarantees optimum signal quality.


  • High-bandwidth dual-pol IQ modulation
  • Add-on to electrical AWG
  • Software-based electrical signal predistortion
  • Supports a variety of modulation formats (OOK, DPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM)
  • Fast and simple switching between modulation formats
  • USB interface for remote control
  • LabView-based user interface


  • Generation of higher-order modulation formats
  • Generation of OFDM signals
  • Test and measurement
  • Generation of wideband signals


  • Analogue bandwidth typically 18 GHz
    (in combination with 34-GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator by Fraunhofer HHI)
  • Up to 4 RF input channels
  • C- and L-band operation