Visible Light Communication System up to 1 Gbit/s

High-Speed Optical Wireless Local Links up to 1 Gbps using Conventional Visible LED-Light

Visible light communication (VLC) is a new broadband transmission technology that uses standard off-the-shelf visible light LED luminaires to transmit broadband data streams. This transmission technology can be used for both distribution of high-definition video streaming as well as two-way communication – covering the whole rage from internet access to video conferencing.


  • Light Source: any current high-power LED
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Dynamic rate adaptation
  • Adaptable optics depending on application
  • Peak data rate 1 Gbit/s
  • Low latency (< 2 ms)
  • Universal RJ45 Ethernet Interface
  • Footprint: 87 mm x 114 mm x 42 mm (without lenses)


  • Combination of lighting and data communication
  • Available also with near infrared or ultraviolet LEDs
  • Improved privacy
  • CE certified


  • Wireless communication in industrial environments
  • Car-to-X communication
  • Optical Wi-Fi in RF-sensitive areas (hospitals)
  • Sensor networks
  • Advertising, messaging
  • Optical wireless hotspot

VLC Applications