Numerical Simulation Environments

Server Platform for Evaluation of Photonic System Designs

Supports design of new photonic systems including short-range, access, metro, long haul and submarine optical transmission systems as well as development of technology upgrade and component substitution strategies for existing optical networks. Numerical simulations are based on Matlab® and on photonic design automation tools by VPIphotonicsTM. The software runs on powerful GPU-supported simulation server clusters to shorten simulation times even for very complex and computationally demanding system designs

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FTTX-PLAN supports the strategic decision process of introducing FTTx networks into municipalities, public utility companies and regional suppliers. After a one-time process of data collection, cost optimized network plans are created, evaluated and compared with the help of automatic planning processes. However it reduces the uncertainty by targeted planning and provides a key benefit for network planners of future FTTx networks.

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