JSVM Reference Software

The JSVM (Joint Scalable Video Model) software is the reference software for the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) project of the Joint Video Team (JVT) of the ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) and the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG). The JSVM Software is still under development and changes frequently.

The JSVM software is written in C++ and is provided as source code. The JSVM Software package contains a Software Manual, which provides information on using this software.

Accessing the JSVM Software

In order to keep track of the changes in software development and to always provide an up-to-date version of the JSVM software, a CVS server for the JSVM software has been set up at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen. The CVS server can be accessed using WinCVS or any other CVS client. The server is configured to allow read access only using the parameters specified in Table 1. Write access to the JSVM software server is restricted to the JSVM software coordinators group.

Table 1: CVS access parameters

authentication:     pserver
host address:     garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de
path:     /cvs/jvt
user name:     jvtuser
password:     jvt.Amd.2
module name:     jsvm or jsvm_red

Example 1 shows how the JSVM software can be accessed by using a command line CVS client.

Example 1: Accessing the JSVM software with a command line CVS client

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser:jvt.Amd.2@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt login

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt checkout jsvm

In Example 2, it is shown how a specific JSVM software version - specified by a tag (JSVM_8_5 in Example 2) - can be obtained using a command line CVS client. Note that co represents an abbreviation for the command checkout, which was used in Example 1.

Example 2: Accessing a specific versions of the JSVM software

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser:jvt.Amd.2@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt login

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt co -r JSVM_8_5 jsvm

It is possible to checkout only a reduced JSVM software package by using the alias jsvm_red instead of jsvm. In this case, the directories JSVM0-config-sample and MVC-Configs are omitted in the checkout, see Example 3.

Example 3: Accessing the JSVM software without the JSVM0 and MVC directories

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser:jvt.Amd.2@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt login

cvs -d :pserver:jvtuser@garcon.ient.rwth-aachen.de:/cvs/jvt co jsvm_red