Video Structure Detection

Video Structure Detection - Temporal Video Segmentation

As books have chapters, sections, paragraphs and sentences, videos also have a structure. Scenes, shots and sub-shots are the units that can be found in video and film.

  • Shots consist of the video frames that have been continuously recorded with a single camera operation. Shots can be connected by simple cuts or editing effects such as fades, dissolves or wipes.
  • Sub-shots are smaller visually consistent units inside of shots.  They are useful for key-frame based analysis, search and retrieval.
  • Scenes are larger units. Examples would be an interview, a scene on the beach or a scene at a restaurant. Scenes are usually the units that humans remember.

We have developed a software module for video structure detection. It automatically segments the video into scenes, shots and sub-shots.  The software is significantly faster than real-time.  Shot detection not only includes hard cuts.  It also detects fades, dissolves and wipes and performed excellent in an international competition. The module is provided as a dynamic link library and thus may easily be integrated into own projects.

A demo version of our software is available for trial. To download this demo version, please send an email for registration, stating your name and company. You'll receive an e-mail reply with your download link within a few moments. Thank you.