The MPEG-OMAF standard (officially ISO/IEC 23090-2) is the first international standard for storage and distribution of 360° Video, with significant contributions from Fraunhofer HHI’s Video Coding and Analytics department. OMAF specifies tile-based streaming of 360° Video which allows for significantly higher resolution at the end device.

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Fraunhofer HHI provides software and hardware solutions demonstrating the benefits of the latest video coding technology.

Authoring for MPEG-DASH

Fraunhofer HHI offers an Authoring software for MPEG-DASH which is suitable for HD, 3D and future media codecs.

Authoring for MPEG-DASH

H.264/MPEG4-AVC Bitstream Test Suite

Fraunhofer HHI offers different sets of test bitstreams which can be used for testing H.264/AVC decoder chips or Set Top Boxes.