H.265/HEVC is the most recent standardized video compression technology.  It has been developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC) of the ITU-T Visual Coding Experts Group (VCEG) and the ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG). The Joint Collaborative Team on 3D Video Coding Extension Development (JCT-3V) was established to work on multiview and 3D video coding extensions of HEVC.

The work on H.265/HEVC was split into the following overlapping phases.

  • Phase 1: First version of H.265/HEVC:
    Specification of the Main, Main 10, and Main Still Picture profiles,
    April 2010 – April 2013.
  • Phase 2: Format Range Extension (RExt):
    Specification of the Format Range Extension profiles,
    July 2012 – October 2014.
  • Phase 3: Scalability Extension (SHVC):
    Specification of the Scalable Main and Scalable Main 10 profiles,
    October 2012 – October 2014.
  • Phase 4: Multiview Extension (MV-HEVC):
    Specification of the Multiview Main profile,
    July 2012 – October 2014.
  • Phase 5: 3D Extension (3D-HEVC):
    Specification of the 3D Main profile,
    July 2012 – February 2015.
  • Phase 6: Screen Content Coding Extension (SCC):
    Ongoing, expected to be finalized in February 2016.

NOTE — More information on H.265/HEVC and the different extensions can be found on the HEVC support site.

Contributions of the Image & Video Coding Group

The Image & Video Coding Group contributed several essential coding tools and technologies to the H.265/HEVC standard, as listed below. Some of the contributions were developed in cooperation with the Multimedia Communication Group and the former 3D Coding Group.

In phase 1 (first version of H.265/HEVC) we contributed:

In phase 2 (RExt) we contributed:

In phase 3 (SHVC) we proposed:

  • Scalable video coding extension of HEVC, using block-level coding tools and multi-loop decoding

In phase 4 (MV-HEVC) we contributed:

In phase 5 (3D-HEVC) we contributed:

Administrative Support

The Image & Video Coding Group has been involved in the administration of the JCT-VC and JCT-3V standardization in various ways:

  • Benjamin Bross has been appointed as Editor for the JCT-VC project (phase 1).
  • Thomas Wiegand has been appointed as Co-Editor for the JCT-VC project (phase 1).
  • Gerhard Tech has been appointed as Editor for the JCT-3V project (phases 4 and 5) and as Coordinator for the HTM reference software.
  • Karsten Sühring has been appointed as Coordinator for the HM reference software.