HEVC 4K Bitstream Test Suite

To achieve high coding efficiency, the HEVC standard allows much more flexibility in encoding decisions and bitstream variations compared to previous video coding standards. For HEVC decoder products, it is important to ensure as early as possible that they are compatible with all possible conforming bitstreams that current and future encoders might produce. The aim is to avoid update or replacement costs if incompatibilities are found later.

The HHI HEVC bitstream test suite is a set of specially crafted coded video sequences that can be used to test conformance of HEVC decoders. Each of these bitstreams has specific characteristics that test the functionality of all individual components of an HEVC decoder and their interactions. A reference decoder is shipped with the test suite that can be used to verify the decoding results.

The HEVC bitstream test suite is targeted at 2160p60 Main and Main 10 Profiles (both at Level 5.1 Main Tier).