HEVC 4K Real-time Decoder

Real-time software decoding up to 2160p60

Fraunhofer HHI has developed an H.265 / MPEG-HEVC software decoder. Its resource efficient, multi-threaded architecture makes real-time decoding of 4K 60Hz ultra high definition video possible and perfectly suits the ever-growing need for high resolution video in applications such as mobile web streaming, and high-quality TV broadcasting.


  • HEVC Main, Main 10 Profile conformance
  • Optional HEVC Range Extensions conformance
  • 2160p60 10-bit real-time decoding*
  • Interlaced support
  • Picture-level parallel processing
  • CPU optimizations (SSE2 to AVX2 and NEON for ARM)
  • Available as SDK for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple OS X / iOS
  • Playback solutions with VLC player decoder plugin and own HHI Linux player with dedicated HDMI/SDI output

*8-core Intel Sandy Bridge-based or equivalent CPU required

Fields of Application

  • Mobile video streaming
  • High quality TV broadcasting
  • Very low bit-rate video conferencing