HEVC 4K Real-time Software Encoder

Real-time software encoding up to 2160p60

Fraunhofer HHI has developed an encoding solution for the newly established H.265 / MPEG-HEVC video coding standard that demonstrates the benefits of highefficiency video coding (HEVC). The latest real-time software encoder can encode 4K 60Hz ultra high definition video in real-time.


  • HEVC Main and Main 10 Profile conformance
  • 2160p60 10-bit real-time encoding
  • Interlaced support
  • I, P and hierarchical B pictures
  • Advanced multi-threaded architecture
  • CPU optimizations (SSE4.1 to AVX2)
  • Look ahead processing
  • HRD conformance, VBR and CBR
  • Available as SDK for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple OS X platforms