Free2C_digital Display

Low Cost High Quality 3D Display with Digital Head Tracking

A spatial fun-to-play game would it be the kick? The remedy: an inexpensive 3D display. With the Free2C display in landscape format we show an approach for the manufacturing of spatial representing, low cost computer game displays. A large sweet-spot and electronical tracking allow the user a comfortable freedom of movement.


  • Autostereoscopic display with no need for 3D-glasses
  • Excellent depth sensation
  • Low cost concept
  • Useful for nearly all stereo capable applications
  • Different sizes available (10.6 … 24 inch)

Technical Background

Content and comfort are similar important like good image quality and depth sensation. The interface box of the Free2C_digital provides both. Its capability to process multiple synchronized signals and its compatibility concept are enabling to represent almost any type of stereo application on Free2C_digital displays with different resolution. Its realtime sub-pixel sorter enables to adapt the user according to its detected position by fast processing content almost continuously. As additional features it provides as well as antialias filtering and the possibility to switch from 3D to 2D. This enables better legibility of 2D content and preserves finest details.


Head tracking is essential for showing 3D content with autostereoscopic displays. Our head tracking module tracks the user's eye position with a common camera. During the manufacturing process the tracking parameter of each display has been calibrate one times for the completely life cycle of the display.

General Specifications 3D Display

  • Type: Autostereoscopic parallax barrier display
  • Stereo Input Formats:
  • Full resolution side by side with 60 Hz
    Full resolution frame sequential with 120 Hz
  • Video interface: DVI-D

General Specifications Interface Box

  • Dynamic subpixel multiplexer with anti-aliasing filter
  • Tracking input: USB 1.1
  • Video Interface:
    Input: DVI-D with dual link
    Output: DVI-D with single link
  • Options: 2D/3D; Fine/Wide (Tracking Mode); L/R Change

General Specifications Video-Head-Tracking

  • Tracking detection: Integrated video camera
  • Software: HHI Video Head Tracker software
  • Update rate: 60 Hz
  • Video output: IEEE1394a
  • Head tracked viewing zone: About 600 mm laterally and 500 mm vertically