Free2C_hybrid Display

The novel Free2C_digital 3-D display functions as a car dashboard and shows velocities, engine speeds or warnings in three dimensions. The display´s design can be chosen individually by the driver.

A driver gets into his car and turns the ignition key. The 3-D display, which was black just a moment ago, now reveals itself as a dashboard with a simple but modern design. If his son were at the wheel, the controls for the mp3 player would now appear in the foreground: "Please select an artist". After choosing some music, he would set off. The display would show a 3-D model of the town, and the integrated navigation system would direct him to his destination. The car owner, however, prefers other types of information, such as the latest traffic reports. He also likes to have the rev counter in his sight at all times. After he has driven for a while, the display changes and an alert message literally jumps out at him: "Please refuel!"

All this - and more - is made possible by our Free2C_hybrid display. It applies an electronically tracking and an electro-mechanically adaptation of viewing distance of the car driver. Two cameras closed situated to the dashboard search permanent for the driver´s eyes. The 10.6 inch screen delivers with its 1280x768 pixel a high-resolution stereoscopic representation of the topical content.

A round or a ladder-like scale? Blue or red background light? The 3-D cockpit can be personalized, so each driver can individually set their preferred design and functional navigation menu.

We showed it in function on the CeBIT 2009 (hall 9, booth B36) in Hanover on March 3 - 8.

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