Mixed-Reality Workstation

Interactive 3D Workstation with User Tracking

Conventional visualizations and graphical user interfaces lose very fast the clearness and tangibility if complex content is to represent.

The solution is »shared visualisation«.

The interactive 2D/3D display with wide sweet-spot, lateral user tracking and elongated touch screen is perfectly fitting for the use in information systems.

For demonstration a GIS navigation and simulation system has been implemented which is to control intuitive. Visit with the most interesting places on the world, explore your next holyday location or get to know the world from a new point of view.
Satellite data with the earth elevation and terrain model, HHI’s special application and a tracked 2D/3D display with user tracking provide you with any information you may need to satisfy your wanderlust. The globe or details from its surface hover spatially before your eyes in size of about 40 inches.