Research Topics of Immersive Media & Communication Group

Preserving Memories using Volumetric Video

The last survivors who experienced the atrocities of National Socialism at first hand are already old. With volumetric video technology, whose basic technology "3D Human Body Reconstruction" was developed by researchers at Fraunhofer HHI, the memories of Holocaust survivors are being recorded for future generations.

  • Together with UFA GmbH, Fraunhofer HHI has produced the world's first virtual reality experience with a Holcaust survivor using volumetric video technology with a total duration of 50 minutes. The VR production "Ernst Grube - the Legacy" shows Holcaust survivor Ernst Grube as he recounts his childhood experiences during National Socialism.
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  • Together with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and INVR.SPACE, a virtual reality experience with one of the youngest survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Dr. Eva Umlauf, is being developed in the project VoViREx.
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Volumetric Video Studio (3rd Gen)

Since February 2023, our new volumetric capture studio is in operation in our new premises at Lanolinfabrik.

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Volumetric Video

Volumetric video is regarded worldwide as the next important development step in media production. Especially in the context of rapidly evolving Virtual and Augmented Reality markets, volumetric video is becoming a key technology. We are one of the few research teams in Germany working on this topic since many years. We developed 360 volumetric capture concepts, a first prototype studio, and a complete end-to-end volumetric video workflow. We continue our research and prove our workflow in a large number of experimental productions.

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Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

Our experience in 3D reconstruction and visualization led to various augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications. We perform research on novel interaction and visualization approaches by using the latest rendering technologies, standards and protocols. The scenarios range from construction, industry 4.0, cultural heritage to medical.

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Virtual Communication and Collaboration

Since 20 years, we perform research on novel immersive video communication concepts. It started with the first European research project VIRTUE in 2000. Since then, the technology advanced and complete real-time capable 3D videocommunication systems were prototyped in our research team.

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Deep Learning for Immersive Media and 3D Scene Processing

Recent advances in deep learning are exploited in our team to further improve various processing steps of our pipeline. Our research focuses on 3D reconstruction of humans, hybrid approaches for semantic segmentation as well as 2D/3D video processing.

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Real-time 3D Acquisition and Analysis

We have strong experience in prototyping and setup of complex real-time capable 3D videoprocessing pipelines. This includes distributed processing on PC clusters, GPU implementations and multi-threading.

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Previous Research Topics

We have also performed research on various other research topics in the past. Although these topics are currently not in the focus of our research group, we still have the expertise in our department “Vision & Imaging Technologies”.

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