Decai Chen

Decai Chen is research associate at the Immersive Media and Communication group in the Vision and Imaging Technologies department.

His R&D activities are related to the following keywords: 3D reconstruction, photogrammetric computer vision, and machine learning.

For further details about his activities please check the subsections below.


Decai Chen joined the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in 2019. He is research associate at the Fraunhofer HHI since June 2019. Currently, he is working in 3D human body reconstruction with deep-learning based computer vision methods. Decai Chen received a Bachelor of Engineering in Remote Sensing Science and Technology from Wuhan University in 2016 and a Master of Science in Geomatics Engineering from University of Stuttgart in 2019.



Best Paper Award to Decai Chen, Markus Worchel, Ingo Feldmann, Oliver Schreer, Peter Eisert for their paper "Accurate human body reconstruction for volumetric video" published at Int. Conf. on 3D Immersion 2021, Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 2021.