Michael Gerstenberger

Michael Gerstenberger is a cognitive scientist in the role of a research associate at the "Interactive and Cognitive Systems" group in the "Vision and Imaging Technologies" department.

His R&D activities are related to the following keywords: interactive learning, human-computer interaction, prototype-based learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, usability & user experience.

For further details about his activities please check the subsections below.


Michael Gerstenberger is a cognitive scientist with a major focus on interactive learning of humans and machines. He joined the "Interactive and Cognitive Systems" group at Fraunhofer HHI in Summer 2021.

Michael earned a degree in "Science of Communication and Politics" in 2015. In 2018 he completed his B.Sc. in "Cognitive Science" at Osnabrück University and in 2020 he finished his M.Sc. in the same field. As a student research assistant he contributed to human movement analysis for EEG hyperscanning studies at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig. Besides that, he briefly worked for the department "Hybrid Modelling/Production AI" at BASF. In 2019 he joined the "Physical Chemistry Department" at Osnabrück University as a data scientist and developed interactive tools for the analysis of nanoporous materials, especially voxel data from XRM Micro Tomography.

Michael has a great interest in studying natural and designing artificial cognitive systems with a special focus on human and machine interaction. His current research addresses machine learning methods that employ human-in-the-loop strategies for increased efficiency, robustness and explainability.


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