TiME Lab

Behind the acronym TiME Lab (Tomorrow‘s immersive Media Experience Laboratory) hides an entire chain of systems and applications, which we unlock while working on projects. In the showroom setup in Berlin, experts integrated innovations in the areas of 180° video projection, steric audio rendition and the real-time broadcasting of panoramic recordings. In 2009, the Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) opened the TiME Lab to demonstrate new media technologies. It is a one-of-a-kind media laboratory, which measures about 60 square meters and features a 3.35 meter high and 12 m long curved projection screen, 14 HD projectors and a ring of 120 speakers at ear level, 15 ceiling speakers and 4 subwoofers. With a design of this scale this TiME Lab showroom sets new standards in media technology. 

The acoustic in this showroom by far outperforms the acoustic of cinema halls. Precise acoustic renditions are achieved by using elaborate acoustic dampening among other techniques. The speakers are integrated in acoustic damping materials. Four independently controlled subwoofers reproduce acoustic 3-D effects and create a directional acoustic experience in the low frequency range. Until now, listeners heard low-frequency sound only from the front. The IOSONO Company provided the speaker system for the TiME Lab showroom. 

Another special feature of the TiME Lab is the acoustically transparent, curved projection screen. The ring of 120 speakers is completed behind this screen. The building of a cylindrical screen has been realized for the first time in the showroom. 

Since 2012, our mobile version of the TiME Lab allows us to demonstrate many applications such as live broadcasts of ultra HD recordings. The mobile TiME Lab can also be used for panoramic projections as part of exhibitions and trade fairs. The mobile TiME Lab resembles a so called room-in-room treatment, in which up to 60 viewers can be accommodated. The mobile TiME Lab has already been used on several occasions.