5G Berlin Day: Digitalization and 5G – Impact on Technologies and Business Models

SEP 2017


Berlin, Germany

5G Testbed transfer center

The 5G Testbed transfer center integrates ongoing research and development efforts for the further development of 5th generation mobile communications into early trials with mobile communication industry partners. This makes it an important contact point for national and international research projects as well as preliminary product development studies, and a test center for 5th generation mobile communications product testing. The transfer center offers training as well as user and application-oriented workshops on technical details of 5G to regional and cross-regional industrial enterprises. Select hardware is also available in the 5G Testbed as an open test platform in order to conduct specific practical tests on technology components and applications. The transfer center serves as a link that closes the gap between research and industrial enterprises.

The Transfer Center 5G Testbed opens its doors on 5 September from 1 to 6 pm.

What to expect?

  • Impulse talks about 5G along the whole value chain
  • Presentation of the 5G Testbed transfer center and the Berlin Center for Digital Transformation
  • Tour through the 5G Testbed & live demonstrations
  • Info booths about digital networking

We invite you to network with our 5G experts afterwards!