CeBIT 2017

MAR 2017

20 - 24

Hannover, Germany

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI is a world leader in the development for mobile and optical communication networks and systems as well as processing and coding of video signals. Together with international partners from research and industry, Fraunhofer HHI works in the whole spectrum of digital infrastructure – from fundamental research to the development of prototypes and solutions.

At CeBIT 2017 Fraunhofer HHI presents the latest developments in Machine Learning at Fraunhofer Booth B36, Hall 6, March 20-24, Hannover, Germany.

The „Fraunhofer Technology Briefings“ from March 20-22 offer a networking platform for decision makers from economy, industry and politics concerning latest IT research topics.

Here  you find more information and the program (German only).

Press Contact

Gesine Rodenkirchen

Gesine Rodenkirchen

Press Officer

Phone +49 30 31002-242

Transparent AI – Making artificial intelligence traceable

Advanced learning algorithms (e. g. deep neural networks) almost rival humans in their capability of performing highly complex tasks independently and with precision. Right now, these intelligent algorithms play out inside the black box of artificial intelligence. Once the robot has come to a conclusion or decision, the observer has no way of tracing how the robot has made it or why a particular decision has ended in failure. 

Therefore, the Fraunhofer HHI presents a standard tool for tracing complex learning mechanisms. Interactive demos show the facial traits, which the neural network processes to estimate a person's age. They show the winning strategies used by Atari players and they reveal how the neural network determines whether a furry four-legged creature is a dog or cat.

Using this generally applicable tool ensures that the AI “has learned the proper things” and applies its properly attained knowledge as intended.

Technical Contact

Dr. rer. nat. Wojciech Samek

Dr. rer. nat. Wojciech Samek

Head of Machine Learning Group

Phone +49 30 31002-417