Fraunhofer Day of Artificial Intelligence @ Fraunhofer-Forum Berlin

NOV 2017


Berlin, Germany

Shaping the future with cognitive systems, learning machines and digital assistants

The idea of artificial intelligence has seen an enormous boost through various technological breakthroughs in recent years. By now, self-learning systems constitute a worldwide trend that increasingly influences economic and social processes. The focus for Germany and Europe is once more to secure the competitiveness of our industry. The conditions in Germany are quite good: an innovation-friendly industrial environment meets a well-connected and application-oriented research landscape.

The Fraunhofer Day of Artificial Intelligence brings together, in cooperation with the digital association Bitkom, experts from Fraunhofer with decision-makers and professionals from economy and politics. The conference informs about the current state of research, sheds light on AI Myths and points out the chances of AI technologies for industry and economy.

The registration for the waiting list, the program and the location of the event can be found here.


Olivia Tex

Olivia Tex