XR4ALL Workshop: “Current State, Challenges and the Future of XR in Health 2020”

MAR 2020


Berlin, Germany

The EU-funded project XR4ALL and the 3IT are pleased to invite entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and thought leaders in the field of Extended Reality (XR) for medicine, rehabilitation and healthcare to attend the XR4ALL workshop focusing on current challenges and the future of XR in the health sector.

This one day workshop will focus on current challenges and future developments in the following application areas:

  • Medical training and learning
  • Diagnostic and pre-operative use
  • Intra-operative use
  • Post-operative use and rehabilitation

The workshop will consist of keynotes and inspiring talks from leading experts in the field as well as an interactive part, where participants can actively contribute to the discussion about the future of XR in health.

The workshop is free of charge upon mandatory registration and will be conducted in English.

A detailed agenda can be found here .

More information about the workshop, XR4ALL and the registration can be found here .


Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Schreer

Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Schreer

Head of Immersive Media & Communication Group

Phone +49 30 31002-620

Maria Ott

Maria Ott

Project Manager 3IT

Phone +49 30 31002-862