The Transforming Force of AI: Hype or High Potential?

FEB 2019


Berlin, Germany

Following the success of 2018, EFM Horizon returns from 8-12 February 2019 with a number of enriching programme modules, aiming to support the transformation of the film and media sectors through an interdisciplinary approach.

The event of EFM Horizon and Fraunhofer HHI will map the status quo of AI in film and entertainment sectors by bringing developers, artists and practitioners together for a series of talks, interviews and debates to think through future scenarios and what they mean for the industry today in practical terms. Key questions to be addressed include:

From scriptwriting to marketing, which creative functions can also benefit from AI to start working smarter, not harder and let their imaginations run free?

How much closer are we to leveraging AI to automating all the headaches out of production, post-production and VFX workflows in 2019? Will the adoption of new systems create new challenges in itself, from grappling with stubborn resistance to change on the one hand, to automating colleagues out of jobs on the other?

For audiences, will the increasing ubiquity of AI tighten personalisation’s stranglehold on their entertainment platform experiences? Or will they be won over not only by improved algorithms, but also the promise of new levels of interactivity and immersion, as AI-enhanced virtual humans and non-linear storyworlds become as rich and surprising as real life and real people can be?


  • Kathleen Schröter, Fraunhofer HHI
  • Sadaf Amouzegar, RivetAI
  • Thomas Bendig, Fraunhofer-Verbund IUK-Technologie

The event will be moderated by AC Coppens, The Creative Catalysts.

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