Field of Research Medicine

Whether in the operating and treatment room or the laboratory, modern medicine without digital assistance systems and signal processing is barely imaginable anymore. Imaging procedures, computer-assisted surgical systems and new diagnostic options support the doctor and enable new forms of treatment. The Fraunhofer HHI offers a wide range of expertise and solutions in the field of medical technology.

Competencies at Fraunhofer HHI

Intraoperative image analysis

  • Endoscopic and microscopic 3D analysis and measurement
  • 3D instrument tracking
  • Tracking and modelling of organ and tissue movements
  • Multispectral tissue analysis
  • Intraoperative Augmented Reality (AR) visualization

    Medical signal analysis

    • Modelling and evaluation of ECG, EEG and ultrasonic signals
    • Low radiation CT reconstruction
    • Point-of-care diagnostics: Microrings for detection of biomolecules in liquids, e.g. in blood
    • AI-based diagnostic support
    • Quality standards for data algorithms and standardization

    Assistance systems

    • Sterile, contactless operation of medical devices
    • Virtual Reality (VR)-based rehabilitation of cognitive disorders
    • Intraoperative AR visualization of additional information (3D measurement data, tissue types, vital signs, preoperative image data)
    • Preparation and analysis tools for medical 2D and 3D image data
    • Data visualization for control room and patient monitors
    • Teaching and training support


    • AR-assisted surgery
    • Endoscopic 3D reconstruction of cavities and 3D panorama creation
    • Personalized medicine such as the intraoperative implant measurement, e.g. in ossiculoplasty
    • Navigated surgery
    • Analysis of time series data (ECG, EEG, fMRI)
    • Evaluation of histopathological images for the detection of lymph node cancer
    • Detection of heart attacks with neuronal networking
    • Gait analysis