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Photonic Networks and Systems

The research focus of the department are high-performance optical transmission systems for use in in-house, access, metropolitan, wide-area and satellite communication networks.

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Photonic Components

The department develops optoelectronic semiconductor components as well as integrated optical circuits for data transmission. Another focus is on infrared sensor systems, terahertz spectroscopy and high-performance semiconductor lasers for industrial and medical applications.
We frequently offer B. Sc., M. Sc., or PhD topics. We are also interested into qualified post docs from our field.

Please contact: Martin Schell

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Video Coding & Analytics

Until 2019, digital video signals will account for up to 90 percent of the global data traffic. Therefore, the department is researching actively the efficient encoding, transport, processing and analysis of video signals.

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Wireless Communication and Networks

The research focus is on radio-based information transmission. The department provides contributions to the theory and technical feasibility of radio systems and develops hardware prototypes.

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