June 3, 2019

Newly founded PolyPhotonics Berlin e. V. has commenced operations

June 3, 2019

The PolyPhotonics Berlin e. V., which emerged from the regional growth core of the same named PolyPhotonics Berlin and was officially founded in April 2019 at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin, has started its operations. The aim of the newly founded association is to promote science and research in connection with the research and development of optical base elements for compact functional components using the polymer-based PolyPhotonics technology platform.

At the founding meeting on April 10, 2019, eleven founding members appeared, representing renowned and established leaders in the field of optical communication and sensor technologies with a regional focus on Berlin and Brandenburg. The Board consists of Crispin Zawadzki (Fraunhofer HHI), Arne Schleunitz (micro resist technology GmbH) and Christian Kutza (FOC - fibre optical components GmbH). Further founding members are: Allresist GmbH, eagleyard Photonics GmbH, Finisar Germany GmbH, Laser Zentrum Hannover e. V., Loptek GmbH, opTricon GmbH, SENTECH Instruments GmbH and VPIphotonics GmbH.

Within the growth core PolyPhotonics Berlin of the BMBF innovation initiative "Unternehmen Region", eleven regional companies and three research institutions have joined forces. For the first time, the network partners will be able to implement comprehensive solutions using optical components made of plastic, which are globally not yet available in this form. The participants in this initiative want to create innovative materials and procedures for the production and as-sembly of photonic multiple-use components. With the PolyPhotonics Berlin technology platform, a new technology is emerging on the global market alongside the established platforms. Because it is based on semiconductors or glass, it is superior to the established approaches in many respects. The Alliance's entrepreneurial vision is to become the world leader in polymer-based integration technology. Furthermore, they want to open this platform up to other technology platforms and make it available in order to thereby explore new fields of application, e.g. in medical or environmental technology.

More information is available on the website: www.polyphotonics-berlin.de .