August 28, 2012

Federal Minister Rösler inaugurates the 3D Innovation Center Berlin

Before an audience of some 120 guests from enterprise and research, Federal Minister Philipp Rösler today officially opened the 3D Innovation Center in Berlin.

"The new 3D Innovation Center is a key starting point for the networking of science and industry," said Federal Minister Philipp Rösler.

Under the general management of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, a platform has been created on the Salzufer in Berlin's Tiergarten district that affords its current roll-call of some 50 partners from industry and science the opportunity to come together, join forces and drive forward development of 3D technologies and applications. In addition to the fields of entertainment and media, industrial production and medicine will be of key importance for the future.

"Successful economic growth needs innovation – and this also means new technologies. And 3D technologies are at the forefront of innovation," added Minister Rösler.

The Center's 700 m2 of floor space offer partners a 3D cinema, a 3D live studio, a technology and test lab as well as generous exhibition and communication areas. Regular events staged by the Center will put the theme of 3D squarely in the public eye.