November 1, 2012

Wide area broadband coverage – FTTX-PLAN for cost-optimized planning of broadband networks

The steady rise in data throughput rates calls for constant improvements in the means of transmission – and for cities and towns the existence of a powerful communications infrastructure has now become a real factor in ensuring their economic survival and attracting new business. Yet the construction of fiber optic based broadband networks is an enterprise fraught with high risks that also involves high investment costs. This is why under the general management of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, atesio GmbH, Bentz Consulting und VPIphotonics Inc have come together in the FTTX-PLAN consortium with the aim of supporting the strategic decision-making process of city network operators and new local providers seeking to extend or construct fiber optic broadband networks.

Realistic projections with FTTX-PLAN

With its tailored planning approach, FTTX-PLAN helps city authorities and local municipalities to plan fiber optic based broadband networks while reducing the associated risks and drawing up a realistic estimate of costs involved. For an optimal business case, particularly close attention must be paid to the dependencies between investment and the technical possibilities offered by available systems technologies. A deep understanding of technology trends in fiber optic network structures and the limits of the special optimization method coupled with the ability to implement such expertise in computer-based methods and tools are the decisive advantages offered for planners of future FTTx networks.

Following a one-only data collection survey, automatic planning techniques are used to compile cost-optimized network plans for all relevant alternatives, and evaluate and compare them. Automated network planning enables planners to carry out reproducible analyses of the various options for network extension/set-up, to arrive at purposeful decisions, and to identify possible technology dead-ends early on in the design process.