December 1, 2013

Car2Car – Reliable Communication in a Dynamic Radio Channel

Optimizing Communication Modules with the Channel Sounder and Channel Emulator Software

Fraunhofer HHI is using its own traffic situation measurement data to develop Channel Emulator software for optimization of communication modules in car-to-car communications. Up to present vehicles have mainly relied on sensors, radar or video to take account of their immediate surroundings. In future, however, vehicles will be networked with one another by radio. This means that warnings of hazardous situations or traffic congestion ahead will be radioed to all vehicles in the area without any need for visual contact – a decisive advantage when it comes to dangerous situations on the roads.

Car-to-car communication uses the WLAN standard IEEE 802.11p for wireless transmission. Yet since the wireless channel between communicating vehicles has its own dynamic characteristics, data gets lost in transmission when speeds increase. Fraunhofer HHI has subjected the characteristics of the dynamic radio channel to a rigorous examination. A proprietary Channel Sounder captured high resolution measurement data in a broad variety of traffic situations. This data was then taken as the basis for real-time simulations of traffic situations using Channel Emulator software. Developed by Fraunhofer HHI, this software tests modules of different manufacturers using data from particularly critical traffic situations on the one hand, while on the other communication data are analyzed, structured and turned into a channel model which makes general statements about typical traffic situations which can be used to test the module. Customers receive a precise analysis of the packet throughput rate of their modules.

Services for manufacturers and users of communication modules

  • Capture of high resolution measurement data with the Channel Sounder
  • Analysis of the radio channel and development of a channel model
  • Highly realistic simulation of communication and evaluation with advanced algorithms
  • Development of your own IEEE 802.11p communication hardware based on FPGA
  • Evaluation of communication modules with the Channel Emulator as an alternative to your own high-cost field tests

Manufacturers and users of communication modules can now evaluate, compare and optimize their devices without the need to conduct their own time consuming and expensive field tests. The Channel Sounder and Channel Emulator software are a contribution by Fraunhofer HHI to a future of smart networking and reliably communicating vehicles.