February 27, 2014

Exhibition Opening in Berlin – Interactive Media and Glasses-free 3D Solutions

At the premises of Q110 – Deutsche Bank’s vision of the future of retail banking – the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute is presenting in association with BTK – University of Applied Sciences an exhibition of solutions in the field of interactive media for

  • Glasses-free 3D video displays
  • The Free2C 3D-Kiosk –  a 3D system with eye tracking technology
  • A 3D Model Viewer for computer generated 3D models in ultra high (4K) definition
  • The Interactive Shop Window with touchless gesture control  
  • A touchless 3D pong game.

The free exhibition created for Deutsche Bank is open to the public from 6 February to 21 May 2014 at Friedrichstraße 181 in Berlin.