August 1, 2014

Live Panorama Streaming and Navigation

In the middle of the action, not only on the sidelines with the OmniCam-360

The OmniCam-360 is a system, unique worldwide, for capturing maximum resolution panorama videos. Not only football World Cups, but also concerts and operas can be experienced in panorama up to 360° in ultra high definition. Spectators can watch these events live on large cinema screens or on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, and can then individually select a section in the panorama.

The compact and easily managable OmniCam-360 from the Fraunhofer HHI is a worldwide unique camera system for capturing maximum resolution 360° panorama videos. Ten HD cameras, fixed to a mirror system, provide individual shots which are then corrected in realtime and combined to a parallax-free video panorama of the highest quality. At home or on the road, the films from the OmniCam-360 will be available as an app, running on second device as tablets, smartphones and laptops. The spectator is able to navigate at will in the 360° videos of concerts or sporting events and to select their own individual perspective.

The live panorama will be introduced at the IBC 2014, the navigation within the panorama is possible by an app running on second device. 

Areas of Use

  • Production of panoramas for theme parks and immersive media
  • Live production and broadcasting for panorama cinemas
  • Content production for panorama streaming applications
  • Real-time Pan & Scan system for live productions, e. g. sporting events and concerts

Technical Background

The Ultra HD Panorama Camera only weighs 16 kilograms and is no bigger than a television camera while having ten times its resolution. The Omnicam is based on a scaleable mirror based multicamera and makes filming panorama videos with a resolution of 2000 x 10000 pixels possible. Ten digital cameras provide individual shots via mirror segments. These shots are then combined parallax free in a real time processor to a video panorama of the highest quality. A time consuming calibration is not necessary.

Advantages of the Technology

  • UHD Panorama Video Production
  • Real time parallax free combination to a 360° UHD video panorama 
  • Interactive navigation in 360° UHD Video Panorama Capturing

The OmniCam-360's high performance, functionality and practicability have already been tested in several projects.


The OmniCam-360 recorded the FIFA World Cup final in a 360° panorama. The spectators who were not in the stadium can watch the final immersively in the future in the FIFA museum to be built in Zurch.

Concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra and the Berlin radio choir will be captured in 360° panorama as part of the „ORTE DER MUSIK“ (places of music) project.