November 18, 2015

Fraunhofer HHI Scientist Anna Hilsmann Receives Business Award

The Fraunhofer researcher Anna Hilsmann received the Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists (VBKI) Science Prize on November 16, 2015 in the Goldberger-Saal of the Ludwig-Erhard-House.

Hilsmann manages the research group, Computer Vision & Graphics, at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin. The group works on different aspects of image and video analysis, as well as synthesis, and they develop new solutions for its uses in multimedia, augmented reality, safety and medicine. She has been awarded the VBKI Science Prize for her dissertation titled, “Image Based Approaches for Photo-Realistic Rendering of Complex Objects”. Hilsmann develops new image based procedures for the photo-realistic presentation, animation and modification of complex objects using clothing as an example.

Through this award the VBKI acknowledges university graduates whose theses and dissertations show future potential for the Berlin-Brandenburg region by developing concepts to further modernize this location. “With this award, the VBKI supports the best thinkers and encourages the innovation friendly climate of the capital region,” Markus Voigt, President of the VBKI, pointed out.

Hilsmann, who studied Electro and Information Technology, is happy about the award and praised the working conditions for young scientists. She stated, “I am happy about the appreciation my research contribution has received by the Jury of the VBKI Science Prize. Through my work at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, I could write my dissertation in an application oriented way. The Institute offers a good mix of application and research. There is an intensive and honest exchange within the team as well as with other scientists about their personal work, which often provides suggestions for new ideas.”

Together with Dr. Hilsmann five other researchers were awarded the VBKI Science Prize:

  • Dr. phil. Sebastian Bohm for his dissertation "Human tendon adaptation in response to mechanical loading" at Humboldt University Berlin.
  • Dr.-Ing Hamid Reza Godini for his dissertation "Analysis of Individual and Integrated Packed – Bed Membrane Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane" at TU Berlin.
  • Dr. rer. nat. Christopher Martin for his dissertation "Chemical Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cell Surface Carbohydrate Antigens for Rational Vaccine Design" at FU Berlin.
  • Franco Giesecke M.A. for his master thesis "DER STERN in Potsdam - Die historische Entwicklung des barocken Gebäude-Ensembles in der Parforceheide" at FH Potsdam.
  • Franziska Naumann M.A. for her master thesis "Employer Branding in Social Media Entwicklung und Anwendung eines Kriterienkatalogs zur Erfolgsmessung" at FU Berlin.