November 30, 2015

TiME Lab website has been re-designed

TiME Lab (Tomorrow’s Immersive Media Experience Lab) – a showroom located at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute – provides technologies and systems for immersive video projection. Technologies ensuring spatial audio reproduction as well as functioning viewer interaction are presented there. For this purpose the showroom is equipped with a 180 degree curved, cylindrical projection screen and a 3D multi-projection realized through 14 HD-projectors.

The TiME Lab website has been completely redesigned and is now available under:

The new website informs about technologies presented at TiME Lab, among other things panorama production and projection, and presents numerous project partners and already completed productions such as the recording of the FIFA world championship final 2014 in Rio de Janeiro with the OmniCam-360.

Additionally, an exciting short film gives an impression of the technical component of technology development as well as of the resulting viewing and listening experience.