November 3, 2016

5G-Crosshaul partners showcase 5G Berlin Testbed results at different 5G events

Partners showcase integrated mmW fronthaul and backhaul field trial results at IEEE 5G Berlin Summit and 5G-PPP Global 5G event

InterDigital (IDCC), Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI, and Core Network Dynamics (CND), three partners from the H2020 5GPPP 5G-Crosshaul consortium, announced that they will showcase integrated millimeter wave (mmW) fronthaul and backhaul results from their live 5G Berlin Testbed at the IEEE 5G Berlin Summit and the 5G-PPP Global 5G event.

IEEE 5G Berlin Summit is a part of a series of high impact one day summits that allow industry leaders, innovators, and researchers to collaborate and exchange ideas in emerging technologies that may help drive standards and rapid deployment.

5G-PPP Global 5G event will explore emerging global 5G policies for spectrum, standards and roll-out as well as exciting demonstrations and latest development by the on-going 5G projects. 5G-Crosshaul will exhibit at the event including a demonstration video of the 5G Berlin Testbed.

The 5G Berlin Testbed is a 5G field trial of InterDigital’s EdgeLink™ solution, multiplexing both backhaul and CND’s Cloud-RAN next generation fronthaul solution over an integrated mmW mesh transport network. The system is installed outdoors, on Fraunhofer HHI’s campus, executing under environmental conditions. The three contributing project partners are collecting key performance indicators that will provide insight into mmW’s ability to meet 5G requirements for fronthaul and backhaul transport.

“Millimeter wave technology will be a decisive cornerstone to bring 5G forward to enhanced mobile broadband harvesting new spectrum opportunities well above 6GHz, ultra-dense deployments and energy-efficient multi-Gigabit transmission” explains Thomas Haustein, Head of Wireless Communication and Networks Department at Fraunhofer HHI.

“Millimeter wave is seen as a key transport enabler for small cells and network densification,” said, Alan Carlton, Vice President, InterDigital Europe. “The field trial will underscore its’ applicability for 5G edge transport solutions as well as the importance of the research and development on the Crosshaul approach in its ability to satisfy 5G architectures and performance requirements.”

5G-Crosshaul is an international project with 21 members aimed at developing integrated fronthaul and backhaul system solutions to support flexibility and unified management for 5G network architectures. To learn more about the project, visit