December 9, 2016

EUR 2.5 million federal subsidy for the development of safe fast-charging technology for high-performance batteries

500 kilometer range charged in ten minutes: That is the ambitious goal of researchers at Clausthal Technical University and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in the electromobility field. Project “MoBat” has now been launched for this purpose. It is being implemented at the Battery and Sensor Test Center of the “Energie-Forschungszentrum Niedersachsen” (Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony) (EFZN). The Federal Ministry of Economics is subsidizing the joint project with a total of EUR 2.5 million, complemented by around EUR 1 million of industry funds.

“MoBat” transfers the results of preliminary work, for instance for battery electric heavy vehicles at the Hamburg port, to industrial technology. The focus is on developing a safe, modular battery system for high-performance applications such as electric buses. The know-how gained in previous research about the service-life-neutral quick charging of lithium-ion batteries is to be transferred to battery systems for industrial purposes. In order to accomplish this, the battery charger, charging technology, battery system, and safety/measuring technology are integrated into an overall system and their function is tested in the Battery and Sensor Test Center of the EFZN.

The interaction of comparatively small but especially powerful lithium batteries with efficient charging technology is to be tested here in particular. This allows the benefits of using a quick-charging strategy in high-performance applications to be worked out. Other heavy vehicle applications in addition to electric buses are possible. Investigations focus on the influence of quick charging on battery aging and on charging technology automated according to safety aspects.